The Mission, Vision, Values and Purpose

Of Ekwulobia Diocese

OUR MISSION - Who are we? Our Mission is our identity

Gathered in the power of the Holy Spirit as a diocesan family, we seek to become more truly God’s family; open to encounter and personal relationship with Jesus Christ and with each other, faithfulness to the Church and the good elements of Igbo culture.

OUR VISION - Where are we going?

To become true disciples of Jesus Christ by free personal choice. To live out the faith in a vibrant and joyful spirit. To engage in our community with gospel-driven choices and actions in order to contribute to the wholeness of God’s people, and the healing of our society and the environment.

OUR VALUES - How do we get there? Guides our decisions and choices

Love and respect for every person, male and female, as God’s children; service; efficiency; integrity and transparency; responsibility and accountability; solid and integral formation across the generations; diligent and pastorally informed planning and decision making; collaboration.

OUR PURPOSE - Why do we come together as this Catholic Diocese?

To have a living experience of the Kingdom of God, the kingdom of love, justice, truth and peace and share it with others in and beyond the Diocese.